Bora bora is an island of ancient or it could be called the atoll, which was once a former volcano have died thousands of years ago created the Islands most beautiful regions in the world.

Each year the bora bora has been visited more than a hundred thousand people from around the world, much less to search if not the most dazzling tourist attractions in the world.

bora bora is a Commonwealth country from the French islands in the Pacific Ocean, if you're looking for confusion where lies the bora-bora, tahiti island you can use as a pointer.

Panoramic view of typical tropical islands with white sandy beaches dominated ramps and smooth, crystal clear blue sea, some parts have coral reefs. in this area the waves are very friendly and quiet, but can also be used to surf for some parts of the island because Islands is arguably broad enough IE includes 30 km square.

The island is very identical to the two peaks are located in the middle of the island, namely Mount Pahia and mount Otemanu with highest elevation 727 metres from sea level. The island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia area entrance in the Pacific region. Just for information, French Polynesia is divided into five islands i.e. the Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands and Austral Islands. Bora Bora is the Society Islands in the South.

Switzerland or Switzerland is one of the last countries in Europe also captivating place to visit if you want to enjoy the outdoors. This is due to the geographical condition of which Switzerland has Mountains Alpennya. In addition Switzerland also has a wide plateau. For Example, The Bernese Oberland. Switzerland also includes slaah one the cleanest country in the world so that visiting nature in this country will not make your trip worth it. In Switzerland you will easily find the interesting natural attractions. Not only are the mountains and the plains of tinnginya, the country also is very beautiful with a lake which is surrounded by a natural forest.
The following is a list of some of the most charming places in Switzerland to be explored to vacation together:

The Summit Of The Jungfrau Mountains Alps
If heard country Switzerland, one of the activities that direct thought is skiing. The Alps is a mountain range with the highest peak in Europe offers many ski resort, one of which is the village of Zermatt, the village adopted the concept of green and pollution free environment. Among the 72 the waterfall, waterfall Staubbach is the highest altitude reached 297 meters. Other unique things from Lauterbrunnen i.e. underground waterfall Trümmelbach who squeezed up the Valley of Lauterbrunnen and Stechelberg Mountain.

There are many alternatives leading to Lauterbrunnen. From Zurich airport you can take the train destination Bern. From Bern you must replace the other destinations of Interlaken Ost train station. Arriving at Interlaken Ost once again you have to change the train objective of Lauterbrunnen. It's good you buy a Pass if Switzerland would be in Switzerland for a few days because with Switzerland Pass you will get discounted rates for transportation and entrance fees paid.
To visit Zermatt, you can take the train while enjoying panoramic views of the Alps. Car ride to Täsch and proceed by train Glacier Express or taxi.

The beauty of the city of Lucerne-laden romance is the best place for a honeymoon. Medieval-style building, the fountain in the middle of the city, and certainly the two sitting on the banks of beautiful Lake into a tourist attraction.

St. Moritz
St. Moritz is one of the resort towns. Soaring snowcapped mountains, into a perfect view of the heartwarming. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities around the city. Such as skiing or snowboarding.

Winter in Japan starting from December to February. At the time of the winter, the temperature in the region of Japan is very cold, even in some areas up to snow. However, you will still be able to enjoy the beauty and also the excitement in the winter. You can also try a variety of delicious food in the winter. Well, for those of you who plan to visit Japan in winter.

If speaking of winter we can't forget the snowy landscape. A view of where everything is white gives a refreshing impression. However, not all the regions in Japan you can see snow. In some cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, danFukuoka rare snowfall.
One of the favorite destinations of tourists while visiting Japan in the winter to play snow is Hokkaido. The Hokkaido region, in the North, is one of the coldest places in Japan that gets the most snow in winter. The beauty of the landscape in winter need not be asked again deh! Some of the most famous ski resort in Hokkaido that you can visit including the Kiroro Resort and Niseko United Ski Resort.

Sapporo Yuki Matsuri
Is Japan's biggest snow festival! If you're right in Hokkaido in February, you certainly do not want to pass this one cool event! Sapporo Yuki Matsuri is a festival of snow, where you can find various replica buildings even people from all over the world made of snow. Sapporo Yuki Matsuri is held when the snow is being tebal-tebalnya in Hokkaido, which is about the beginning of February, and lasts more than a week.

Shirakawa-Go is the name of an area where in the area there are several traditional residential village with a very unique and beautiful. Ogimachi is one of them. In the village you can see the traditional houses roof height and width size of the House itself. View of the village is beautiful any time of the season, but many acknowledge if panoramic views of the village is much prettier in winter.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Tateyama is the name of a mountain called with "roof of Japan" with an elevation of approximately 3,015 meters above sea level. The mountain is also known as ' his ' Japan Alps. Here you can experience down the road with the wall of snow with a height of up to 8-10 meters! Just because of the thick snow, saha, this new street can be enjoyed precisely after the winter, which is around mid-April to may. However don't worry, because in addition to the oemandangan streets, you can see beautiful mountains of snow from Mt. Tateyama.

Maldives Islands, also known as the Maldives is one of the beautiful island which is famous in the world. Layout of the Maldives is on the Indian Ocean and has a lot of beaches with clear blue water, a variety of marine life, and white sand stretches, panoramic views around are also charming. In addition to the popular with the beautiful beaches, the Maldives also has other attractions which certainly interesting visit. Here are the best locations and beautiful that you can visit when on holiday to the Maldives.

No wonder, the Maldives during the dry season was filled with tourists. Therefore, it's no surprise the resort if heren raising rental rates and airfare to any Maldives join surged. As an alternative for tourists who prefer a quiet vacation with, you can visit the Maldives around September – November, before entering the high season.

The Barefoot Eco Hotel Maldives
Equipped with the villas overlooking the sea and includes cereal breakfast for two, the price offered through booking site starting from 125 us dollars per night here. Hotel Villa/room number with as many as 52 of this fruit are among the most expensive in this list. However, the value of the facilities, the location and product offerings ensure guest satisfaction that bought him. This hotel was opened in the year 2014 is located in the northern part of the island of Hanimadhoo hushed, entered into the area Haa Alif Atoll.
The Barefoot Eco Hotel is surrounded by lush green forests and coral reefs in waters closest and within about 45 minutes of short flights from the airport of Ibrahim Nasir, with an additional cost of 340 dollars for a round trip flight.

Cocoa Island
There are beaches on the island of Cocoa is so exotic. Have a vast stretches of white sand, accompanied by the sound of the sea waves, becoming attraction for tourists. The island also have facilities in the form of resort with good quality. Maldives does have a decent variety of beach called heaven. This beach is the beach of subscriptions for the tourists coming to Maldives. Many tourists who like to run while in nautical tourism beach. 

Island Vaadhoo
Next there is the island of Vaadhoo. The island population is the population of approximately 500 people is famous for its natural charm. A natural phenomenon that became an attraction for the tourists is the presence of phytoplankton emit light which is bright enough. Unfortunately the phenomenon does not happen every day. If you are lucky when it comes to the Maldives, you can watch it. Blue granules granules that are in the Maldives is absolutely not the result of mere computer engineering. However it is purely real existed in Maldives.
For those of you who want to feel the make a tour in different places, you can come to this island. The island is almost uninhabited. That's because pupulasi Haal inhabitants who settled in the island that is only 500 inhabitants in 2007 on the island. Although the population there, but every weekend or every holiday season many tourists who once berbondong bondong to this place.

Lake Baikal is a gigantic Lake which is located in Siberia, the Asian part of Russia. This Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world, with a long reach 636 km and save more than 23,000 cubic kilometres of water, about 20% of the total fresh water reserves of liquid around the world. Lake Baikal, by the age of 25 million years of the formation is the oldest Lake, for centuries considered a sacred place by most people around, it can be viewed from a range of cultures that exist around the Lake.

The water in Lake Baikal is extremely clean and clear. So the Lake Baikal Lake was crowned with the cleanest water in the world. So crystal clear water of the Lake, many passenger boats traveling on the Lake Baikal feel fear, especially fear of altitude or depth, because they can see clearly into the Lake to a depth of 50 meters. Lake water is clean and clear, because there a lot of Epischura baikalensis, i.e. very small crustaceans. Animals that filter bacteria and mildew. MOSS and bacteria is the cause of the Lakes so murky waters.
Over the last five months of the year, that is from January to may, entered the Siberian Winter. In summer temperatures can reach dingiin-19 to 21 degrees Celsius. It made the surface of Lake Baikal water freezes into ice.

Between December to April is the best period to travel to Siberia in Russia where the deepest lake in the world is located. Lake Baikal is a revealing charm that is rarely seen on a traveler. This month the Lake freezes produce a layer of ice on its surface that allows the traveler to walk on it while watching the fish swim passing by under the feet. Between December to April is the best period to travel to Siberia in Russia where the deepest lake in the world is located. Lake Baikal is a revealing charm that is rarely seen on a traveler. This month the Lake freezes produce a layer of ice on its surface that allows the traveler to walk on it while watching the fish swim passing by under the feet.

One of the most awaited natural phenomenon traveler in this period was the phenomenon of the hummocks, a pile of ice are pushed out the surface making it like the coral ice in the middle of the ocean. These Hummocks formed during freezing process where water is not yet fully freezes driven currents and wind until crashing out.

To get to the Lake, we first can take a flight from Moscow, Beijing or Seoul to Irkutsk. From Irkutsk, the journey continues by bus or rental car for about 90 minutes up to the village of Listvyanka on the shores of Lake Baikal. The other alternative is passing through the Trans-Siberian Railway or the Baikal Amur Mainline, with direct stops at Lake Baikal.

Iguazu waterfalls one of tourist a very fun thing to do on vacation is a waterfall. Each waterfall is definitely has a superb natural beauty. One of the very famous waterfall is a waterfall of Iguazu. Waterfall terraced houses have been frequently used as filming location for Hollywood.  Waterfalls of Iguazu National Park with a waterfall of very large and very unique. Not only the unique shape, but its location is on the border of 2 State until can be accessed from 2 countries.  The country is bounded by the Cascades of Iguazu Argentina is the country with the country of Brazil.

Waterfalls of Iguazu River menbagi this into two parts namely the River up and down. So the waterfall was divided into two rows or two levels. Two-level waterfall is very rarely found in the Americas. Iguazu falls are more height from Niagara falls. If Niagara Falls has a maximum height of 51 metres high, only the maximum on this Iguazu Waterfalls can reach 82 meters.

Legend behind the extraordinary beauty of it is the curse of the gods. In ancient times right in the area there are the Iguazu falls in love with a beautiful girl named Naipi. However, Naipi already had a lover named Taroba.

When the Gods apply Naipi, Naipi doesn't want and choose to go with her lover. Because wrath, gods ultimately condemn the Naipi and Iguazu waterfalls become Taroba are very beautiful. So this waterfall can be said to be a manifestation of the beauty of the love which is inseparable. There has never been a quarrel of the two countries about the paradise that is very beautiful. Iguazu water is divided into two parts, one part goes into the region of Brazil and the other part became part of the State of Argentina.

If in the view of Iguazu falls, Argentina sign in to the administration area of the province of Misiones. If in the view of Brazil's Iguazu falls, then sign in to the administration area of the State of Parana. Iguazu in the language Tupi Guarani means flowing water. Tupi Guarani language is the language used by the people of South America who live in the border region.

The name given to the actual state of affairs represents the very. Waterfalls of Iguazu is a very broad area. The falls flow the water with debit amount reaches 300 cubic meters per second.  In addition, the stretch of the waterfall flowing in 2 parts, so this storied waterfall becomes increasingly special beauty.  Waterfalls in the upper entry to the territory of Brazil in the city of Curitiba. While the lower reaches of the second waterfall place entrance to the territory of Argentina in the San Antonio River.

Iguazu National Park, visitors can see the beauty of tropical rainforest that is able to create a cool green color. This immense place of residence is more than two thousand different types of species of animals and plants. The flora and fauna that live in this place is plants and animals endemic to Latin America. Some animals may be found in places like the Cayman Crocodile, Jaguar, Howler Monkeys up to.

White crater is one of the tourist spots in Bandung which is so phenomenal! Arguably, if the existing tourist attractions in West Bandung this shouldn't you guys miss out altogether! In addition to these fun attractions, this white Crater is one of the famous sights. Because of the famous tourist spots are there in Ciwiedey this is one of the tourist attractions that visitors are always lively, never quiet, even tend to be full on holiday season and a great day. Well, now let's get acquainted closer with tours of the crater that is located on top of Mount Patuha.

Located at an altitude of 2,434 metres above sea level. White crater has a uniqueness that is matchless, i.e. views of Crater Lake which is greenish white in color and contains sulfur. Its location is on Mount Patuha which totals two fruit crater.

The first is the already famous White Crater and craters while not far away, in the West of the crater. From its history mentioned if the second crater was formed due to the eruption of Mount Patuha happens around the 10th century and 12th century. Before becoming a favorite tourist spot as it is now, used to be the crater White Ciwidey village renowned as the haunted and spooky. Indeed when that place is so deserted, until none of the living beings who would pass through the place. But the myth does not apply in a long period of time, since broken by a scientist named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun. He boldly through the forest which is considered haunted, and see what is actually inside. It turns out that he even found a crater white, who until now was known as the crater White Ciwidey village. Sulphur fumes coming out of the crater white also explains why animals do not dare cross the region.

When it comes to near Crater Lake, looks white like milk with a puff of smoke above the surface. Sometimes smoke mixed with fog around the crater area. Indeed the color of the water in the crater White Ciwidey village is not always white. Occasionally a bluish green water. One to look out for as long as you guys are in the sights of White Crater. The sharp sulfur smell! For some, this will be strong scent may be impaired. Even for those who do not hold a strong sulfur smell this could cause a cough.

Cold air will probably poke the skin while in the Ciwidey White Crater located at an altitude of, therefore squeeze to stop by the stalls here, and try to drink the typical named Bandrek. Bandrek is a traditional drink in this region of West Java which could give effect to warm the body.
Facilities in this White Crater Ciwidey adequate and complete. Such broad access area are also available, the transit transport from the parking lot toward the crater, a place of worship, a place of food up to the tourist information centre for tourists.

Cold air will probably poke the skin while in the Ciwidey White Crater located at an altitude of, therefore squeeze to stop by the stalls here, and try to drink the typical named Bandrek. Bandrek is a traditional drink in this region of West Java which could give effect to warm the body. Facilities in this White Crater Ciwidey adequate and complete. Such broad access area are also available, the transit transport from the parking lot toward the crater, a place of worship, a place of food up to the tourist information centre for tourists.

Liberty Enlightening the World, better known as the Statue of Liberty or the statue of Liberty is a statue of a giant-sized island Liberty, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, United States. This statue is awarded France to United States at the end of the 19th century and is a symbol of welcome for visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans.

The bronze statue was unveiled on 28 October 1886 this was a gift of a hundred years of independence of the United States and is the expression of the friendship between the two countries. The statue of Liberty is one of the most famous U.S. symbol around the world, and symbolizes liberty and freedom from pressure.

There is no entrance into the statue of Liberty, but you must pay the ticket cost a ferry that takes you to the location of the statue. The ship stopped at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and Ellis Island, this allows the Viewer to take a package tour ferri. This will save you time when luggage checks before entering the ship.

Visitors who want to go up to the Tower of the statue of Liberty should have a special ticket. These tickets must be booked from afar – much of the day, in order not to run out of. In a day, this tourist attraction visited by more than 240 people. The time of entry into the statue of Liberty museum, you will be placed in a group that consisted of 10 people. Tourists are only allowed to bring cameras and drugs – drugs into the museum and Tower, there are lockers to store stuff that is not forbidden is brought in.

There are an awful lot of slab Charter outside and inside the statue of Liberty museum. One of them is that there is a right under the statue, in a written declaration on this plate stating that the statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of the Republic of France and as a symbol of friendship.

Arizona is a part of the United States. This area has a number of cities and cities, the largest and the capital city is Phoenix. Many people already know Arizona as a tourist destination. One of the reasons is because this is where the stunning Grand Canyon is located. Not surprisingly, Arizona is known as the "Grand Canyon State". In addition there are various other interesting natural sights, such as Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Havasu Falls. Many activities can be done while on vacation in Arizona, ranging from cycling, camping, fishing, rock climbing, historical tours, to getting acquainted with American Indian culture.

One of the main tourist activities while in Arizona is, of course, exploring the Grand Canyon, which is a cliff and steep canyon carved by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world that will make anyone stunned by its beauty. One of the amazing sights that tourists can see during the afternoon is the canyon wall emitting various colors, such as orange, red and yellow. Besides enjoying the scenery, there are various activities that tourists can do such as exploring the Grand Canyon with tour guides, cycling, walking, or helicopter rides, hiking and rafting. A number of accommodation options are also available, ranging from historic inns, hotels, to camping areas. Another tourist destination not far from the Grand Canyon is Havasu Falls. This place offers a bluish green pool and an overall view that is charming.

Arizona's natural beauty is unique and very dear if you miss it. Beside the Grand Canyon there are still many natural tourist destinations that are no less interesting. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is one of the tourist destinations that is also a favorite among tourists. Tourists will see blue water areas, desert landscapes, and stunning stone walls. In addition there is Lake Powell which is the largest man-made lake in the United States. Tourists can reach this place through the city of Page. Located adjacent to the city of Page is the Antelope Canyon which is a popular photography location, especially for photography lovers. Another tourist attraction is Saguaro National Park where tourists can enjoy the desert landscape with very famous saguaro cacti and hiking. Nature lovers can also visit the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. They can observe approximately 30 species of cactus and one of the most famous is the cactus organ pipe.

In addition to nature tours, tourists can tour history in Arizona. Tourists can visit the Arizona Capitol Museum located in the city of Phoenix to get to know the history of the Arizona government and admire the Old Capitol building that is more than 100 years old! Another interesting museum to visit in Phoenix is ​​the Heard Museum. Tourists can see various cultural creations and art from Native people, especially indigenous people from the southwest region. Arizona's history cannot be separated from typical western and cowboy life stories. One suitable place to know more about this is the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg. In addition, a visit to a mine complete with typical miner and subway clothing certainly promises an unforgettable adventure. Tourists can take part in the Copper Queen Mine Tour which is one of the oldest mines in Arizona. Tourists who are interested in American Indian life and culture can visit the Arizona American Indian Tribes, such as the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache Tribe, as well as the Arizona American Indian Museum.

Shopping lovers will love visits to various shopping centers and unique shops in Arizona. Tourists can visit the Biltmore Fashion Park known as "crown jewel" where there are various shops from high-end brands, such as Escada and Ralph Lauren. In addition there is the Desert Sky Mall shopping center, Fiesta Mall, Arizona Center, and Paradise Valley Mall. There are unique shopping places like Desert Ridge and Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona. Those who want to buy typical cowboy hats and boots can buy them at Sheplers Western Wear in Mesa and Cowtown Boots in Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to explore the State of Arizona is by car. Roads in this area are good and offer beautiful natural scenery. Tourists also have quite a number of car rental options. In addition, tourists can also visit cities in Arizona by bus