Matras Beach is one of the favorite beaches in Bangka. Located in the village of Matras, Sinar Jaya Village, Sungailiat District, which is located on the Northeast of Bangka Island. Among the beautiful beaches in Bangka Belitung, this beach is the most visited by tourists, both by the Bangka people themselves and foreign and local tourists. With a long coastline reaching 3 km and a width of 20-30 meters. Matras Beach has smooth white sand with a sloping beach and is set against a cluster of large rocks and coconut trees. Matras Beach is one of the mainstay beach tourism destinations in Bangka Belitung.

Mattress beach is a destination that you must visit when visiting Bangka Belitung. You will enjoy panoramic views of the mattress, you will feel something different and not inferior to beaches on the island of Bali.

Natural scenery of Matras Beach is divided into the north and south. Looking towards the north, there seemed to be endless white sand stretching out, obviously because Matras is the longest beach on Bangka Island. While for the opposite direction or the south, it will actually show its edges which are exotic granite rocks typical of Bangka Island. Another special thing is the flow of freshwater rivers near Matras Beach. Among the beautiful beaches in Bangka Belitung, this beach is the most visited by tourists, both by the Bangka people themselves and foreign and regional tourists.

The specialty of this beach is its smooth white sand, waving waves, and natural river flow. Another feature, its convenient and quiet location will give visitors the freedom to eat food while leaning on natural rocks and enjoying the beauty of the beach. Coastal areas Mattresses have also been built in many resorts in the form of simple bungalows which increase visitors' comfort.

The journey from Pangkalpinang to the Matras beach location takes approximately 1 hour with the road going up and down (bumpy). In this place the incoming visitors are only charged an entrance fee when entering the beach gate, the amount is around IDR 5,000 per person. For the closest hotel location is Parai Beach Resort Hotel, which can be found on the road before heading to Matras beach. Approximately 2 km between the hotel and Matras beach. This area has been used as the main tourist area in Bangka Induk Regency, because some beaches in the area are very beautiful on average. Like Parai Tenggiri Beach, Teluk Limau Beach, Tikus Beach, and Batu Bedaun Beach.

Malaysia, with a culture and tradition that is similar to Indonesia has a special attraction to visit. If a traveler wants to spend a holiday in Malaysia, here are the best destinations that tourists can visit.

1. Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Tower, which is one of the icons of the Malaysian State, was recorded as the tallest tower in the world in 1998 to 2004. The highest tower rank was finally taken by Dubai over its Burj Khalifa building and Taiwan by its Taipei 101 tower. This Petronas Twin Towers is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur so access to this place is quite easy. The Petronas Twin Towers offers an attraction, namely an air bridge located on floors 41 and 42 with an altitude of 170 meters which connects the two towers. Inside the Petronas Twin Towers complex there is also KLCC Park and Suria KLCC shopping center.

2. Islamic Art Museum
The Islamic Art Museum is a place that stores the history of Islamic civilization in Malaysia and in the world. This Islamic Art Museum is also a museum that stores the largest Islamic arts in all of Southeast Asia. Here, you can see various historical relics related to Islam, ranging from clothing, furniture to detailed models of world-famous mosques. This Islamic Art Museum on the top, has a large biruturoise dome and also a wall made of glass that provides space for natural light to enter. The dome ceiling is also designed with beautiful Islamic patterns.

3. Malaysia Textile Museum
Malaysia Textile Museum is a museum that gives you information about the history of fabrics and clothing in Malaysia. This museum is located directly opposite Merdeka Square. This museum which has a mixed architecture between Moghul-Islamic is opened to the public on January 9, 2010. Malaysia Textile Museum consists of 2 levels of buildings and to visit them, you will not be charged (free). Here, you can see directly the various kinds of Malaysian fabrics and tools and methods for making traditional fabrics. Not only your own country, at the Malaysia Textile Museum, you can also see traditional cloth collections from other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and India

4. Penang
Penang Island is a popular tourist destination because of the diversity of history in George Town. Located along the world shipping lanes, the city has a variety of cultural, architectural and culinary colors. When deciding to visit Penang, you have to really explore this city, whether it's by car, bicycle, bus or taxi. Some of the locations that you can visit when in Penang are the Botanic Gardens, Bird Sanctuary, Butterfly Park, Supreme Bliss, and the white sand beach of Batu Ferringhi located along the north coast.
It is incomplete if you visit penang without trying a becak while walking through George Town, enjoying the classic architecture of British heritage. Prepare your camera while doing a tour here. Occasionally stop at a restaurant, market, or bar to taste typical cuisine because Penang is famous as a location for culinary mixes from around the world.

5. Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands in the Titiwangsa Mountains is one of the oldest and historic tourist attractions in Malaysia. Built with an enchanting English garden concept, this beautiful highland offers lush views, colorful flower plantations, tea plantations, forests, lakes, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation facilities. The road to Cameron Highlands is pretty good so it is easily accessible by buses, cars, mini vans and taxis. During the trip to this location, you can see beautiful green scenery. Here is also a Time Tunnel Gallery that shows the history of the development of the Cameron community. One of the many locations visited here is Mount Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Mount Brinchang offers highland scenery that is very refreshing to the eye. Whereas Mossy Forest offers jungle tracks where you can enjoy the sensation of exploring forest ecosystems with beautiful waterfall views.

the destination above is one option to spend every vacation that Traveler has. Make sure the tour list above is the main choice of Traveler. Enjoy Malaysia destinations

There are several countries in the world that are the place where natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis emerges. The radiant glow of light on the ionosphere of a planet can be seen from two parts, the north and south of the earth. Countries in the north include Norway, Alaska, Finland, Iceland, Canada and Sweden. The best time to watch this unique phenomenon is November to February, where the sky is darkest.
Aurora is a natural phenomenon that resembles a glowing beam of light in the sky. Aurora phenomenon usually occurs in countries located near the north pole and south pole. Aurora which is located in the northern part is called Northern Lights and for the southern part is called Southern Lights. For those of you who are interested in seeing the beauty of aurora, here are the best locations that can be visited.

Tromso, Norway
A northern Norwegian city called Tromso is one of the popular destinations for watching aurora. The advantage of Tromso in aurora tours is the availability of a choice of "Northern Lights Cruise" tour packages, namely watching the aurora while sailing on a cruise ship which usually runs from September to March.
Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Set against a clean, cloudless sky, Kangerlussuaq in Greenland is the best spot to watch the aurora that usually appears between October and April throughout the year. Even tourists who visit this place don't need to walk far to see aurora, because aurora can usually be seen from their hotel room window.
Reykjavik, Iceland
The city of Reykjavik in Iceland can also be a choice for watching spectacular auroras. This area provides several tours that will take you a little away from the city center, to a place that has brighter skies so that you can see the aurora more clearly, without being touched by pollution.
Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the main destinations for watching aurora. In Fairbanks, you can enjoy the beauty of the aurora while soaking in a hot tub. Of course this will be very fun and make the experience a little different. Fairbanks is also the location of the Alaska Geophysical Institute which released estimates of the time and location of the aurora to be seen.
Yellowknife, Canada
Canada is one of the countries that also offers beautiful auroras. A park called Aurora Village in Yellowknife offers an Indian tribal camping experience while enjoying aurora. This camper provides camp complete with warmers and chairs to witness the aurora phenomenon.

Kaolin Lake is a lake that has the color of the land is clean white and the water is bright blue Kaolin Lake Located in the village of Air Raya Tanjungpandan, Belitung, Bangka Belitung Province. This lake does not originate from mountain craters such as Ciwidey Lake Kawah Putih or Raja Tinggi White Crater, lakes are formed from former Kaolin mining sites that have been abandoned and nature refines with its beauty. A little knowledge about Kaolin. Kaolin is a mineral as an industrial material such as cosmetics, paper, food, toothpaste and Kaolin is popular because of its smooth, white, strong, smooth and low electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.

The scenery is so charming as long as the eye can see. Piles of excavation are like hills around the lake area that are glimpse like Mount Bromo mini but white. The land beneath the lake is covered with water like the curve of an animal that is passing by, if the water is receding the land will look like clean white sugar. In the middle of the lake a land appears as if connecting between the ends of the lake.

The situation on Kaolin Lake is different from the Ciwidey White Crater Lake or the King's High White Lake which is full of stinging sulfur. In this lake there is no smell of sulfur because this lake is not formed from a crater makes visitors feel at home to linger in this lake. For the water is classified as safe, because the water here is not hot. It is evident that there are still many activities of residents and children who are using lake water or bathing in the lake. This condition makes tourists who visit not only enjoy the scenery, but can also play or swim to enjoy the fresh water of Lake Kaolin. Most residents say that with water in Lake Kaolin, the skin becomes smoother and softer.

For those who like photography, here is the most suitable place to look for shoot objects. The combination of the blue of the water and the stone walls that are white like snow is a very amazing blend of colors. At Kaolin Lake, it is often used as a preweding place for young couples who will go on a marriage. To visit this lake, it will be more comfortable when the morning or evening, because the day will be hot and the rarity of dense trees.

1. Nusantara Flower Garden
Nusantara Flower Garden is probably one of the largest flower gardens in Indonesia, here are colorful flowers that consist of 45 million types of flowers! About beauty, do not ask, as far as the eye can see Boboers will be fascinated by the beauty of this park. In this Taman Bunga Nusantara, the gardens are arranged with interesting themes, such as the French Garden, Japanese Garden, Bali Garden, Labirin Park, Mawar Park, Water Park, and Greenhouse (for a greenhouse an additional fee of IDR 20,000). Each park is arranged according to the theme and is very charming to visit. The price of entering Taman Bunga Nusantara is quite affordable, which is IDR 30,000 for the age of 4 years and above.

2. Little Venice City of Flowers
As the name suggests, Little Venice has Venetian-style buildings complete with waterways, bridges and gondolas. Besides Venice, there are also other miniature cities in Europe and the Fantasy World of Jakarta. The beautiful scenery will make you feel at home there for a long time. Suitable also used as cool photo spots with friends. Actually, Little Venice is an inn located in an elite residential complex in Kota Bunga Puncak. However, because of the kecenya, many come for a vacation.

3. Puncak Safari Park
Safari Park is not only located in the mountains with beautiful scenery but also complete about game facilities, animal attractions and the types of animals that exist. Having a very large land, at Taman Safari Indonesia, boboers cannot only enjoy safaris seeing animals and feeding animals. But Boboers can also be entertained with a variety of cute animal attractions ranging from Tiger Show, Elephant Show, Various Animals Show, Birds of Prey, and Dolphin Show. Even though the ticket price is quite good in reaching the bag, (adults IDR 150,000, and children 140rb for local tourists) but it's really worth it because the ticket is a pass ticket that can be used to ride the game rides in the Safari Park. Do not be afraid to lose the game, the game is also quite complete, such as roller coasters, millers, strings, rapids, how many things will definitely make kids happy joyful

4. Matahari Tourism Park
Matahari Tourism Park is a family recreation area with the concept of "Recreation and Education Park". Located at Jln. Raya Puncak Km. 77 Bogor, Taman Matahari presents various kinds of games and facilities, such as waterpark, water games, and akomadi lodging in the form of hotels and villas. With affordable admission, only IDR 25,000, Boboers can free up 5 games, the rest pay again at the Matahari Park Boboers can not only invite satisfied children to play, but also can learn about animals, plants and parks. traffic.

Bogor Palace (Istana Bogor)is located on Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 1, Paledang Village, Central Bogor District, Bogor City, West Java. The location of the palace is around 60 km from Jakarta or 43 km from Cipanas. The palace itself is located in the center of Bogor City, standing on the ground with a flat culture of 28.86 square meters and an altitude of 290 meters above sea level. The air around the Bogor Palace is temperate and the weather tends to be cool.

The palace is located in the center of Bogor city, is one of six palaces owned by the State of Indonesia which is used as the presidential palace. If in Jakarta alone there are two palaces at the same time namely the State Palace & Independence, then the other three palaces are in three other areas such as the palace of Cipanas, the Great Palace / Gedung Agung in Yogyakarta & the last is in Bali, the palace of Tampak Siring. Of the six palaces, five of them were palaces built during the Dutch colonial government while the palace in Bali was the hand of Indonesia's sons during the reign of President Soekarno.

Bogor Palace is a palace that has a beautiful view, with a European-style building model. The palace itself stands on a plan with a building area of ​​14,892 m² and a yard covering 28.4 hectares decorated with a collection of deer in front & side. Reporting from the Wikipedia website, Bogor Palace was once used as the official resting place and residence of the Dutch governors of the Netherlands. The construction itself is actually inseparable from the history of Bogor city which was originally believed to be the capital of the Pajajaran kingdom which at that time had a government center in Bogor.

The Bogor Palace has a main building with left wing and right wing. The entire palace complex reaches an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares.
The main building of the Bogor Palace consists of:
  • The main building of the palace used for organizing official national events, meetings and events.
  • The left wing of the building used to entertain foreign countries is equipped with six bedrooms.
  •  The right wing part of the building is only for heads of state who come to visit has four bedrooms.
  • Lotus Room as a wing for reception of state guests
  •  In 1964 Dyah Bayurini built a presidential and his family's rest room with five separate pavilions in it.
  •  Garuda Room as the official ceremony venue
  • The personal office of the Head of State
  •  Ministerial courtroom and film screening room
  • The library is equipped with many books.
  • The dining room
  • One thousand glass
  •  Presidential reading room.

Many collections of international artwork and decorations are found in the Bogor Palace. Most are gifts from countries that visit so that they give their own luxurious accents in this palace. There are 450 paintings, some of which are the works of Indonesian painters Basuki Abdullah, Russian painters Makowsli and Ernest Dezentje

So few reviews about the Bogor Palace. If you are in or will plan to go to Bogor, then don't forget to stop by this palace.

Borobudur Temple is certainly familiar to you. This temple is referred to as the largest Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia, even the world's largest. UNESCO designated it as one of the world heritage sites in 1991. Aside from being a world cultural heritage, Borobudur Temple is also one of the tourist attractions that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

The walls of Borobudur Temple are decorated with 1,460 relief panels with a length of 2 meters each. These relief panels tell about the level of Buddha's life. Relief at the bottom of the temple is called "Kamadathu" which tells about bad man's behavior filled with the passions of the world and made him go to hell. The middle part relief called "Rapadathu" tells the story of humans who are free from the passions of the world, while the top relief is "Arupadhatu". This relief illustrates the highest level of achievement in which the gods reside.

In addition to the three reliefs, there are actually relief panels in the lower part of the buried temple. According to historians, the buried relief is called 'Karmawibhangga'. This is the relief that tells about the lowest level of humans. This relief depicts the bad behavior of humans who follow their passions such as killing, gossiping and raping. Even mentioned there is a picture of a husband and wife relationship. The burial of the relief panel has two reasons, namely because the relief is considered impolite and because of the effort to strengthen the temple to stand still.

Borobudur Temple is referred to as one of the greatest masterpieces of man in history. The arrangement of the volcanic beams and their relief sculptures is an incomparable value of art. These tourist attractions are also evidence of the progress of ancient human civilization in the fields of architecture, technology and literary arts.

In this complex there are two museums, namely the Ocean Raksa Museum and the Karmawibhangga Museum. Samudera Raksa Museum contains various collections and information about the history of Asian-African trade in ancient times, while the Karmawibhangga Museum contains information about the construction of the Borobudur Temple.

Not only the temple buildings that attract attention, but also the surrounding natural scenery. On the south side of the temple is Bukit Manoreh which, if seen its shape resembles a person in a sleeping position. Besides Manoreh Hill, there are still Sumbing Mountain, Sindoro Mountain, Merbabu Mountain, and Merapi Mountain which surround this magnificent building.

History of Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is estimated to have begun to be built during the Syailendra Dynasty around the 9th century under the reign of King Samaratungga. The architect built a temple complex called Gunadharma which managed to design this extraordinary building despite not knowing computer systems and other sophisticated technology. The construction of the largest temple complex can be completed around 50-70 years later. The name Borobudur comes from the Sanskrit language 'Uhr Buddhist Monastery' which means Buddhist Monastery on the Hill.

At that time, Borobudur Temple became the center of the largest religious activity. Until the influx of Islamic influence in the 15th century. This temple was abandoned by people who turned to Islam. Borobudur is increasingly forgotten when the eruption of Mount Merapi makes it buried in volcanic ash.

In 1814, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles revealed the existence of the Borobudur Temple after being informed of the existence of a large building buried in volcanic ash. Not only buried in volcanic ash, the condition of the temple when found was also filled with bushes.

Since it was rediscovered, the restoration and various reconstruction efforts of the temple were carried out from the British, Dutch colonies until the time when Indonesia was independent. With assistance from UNESCO and cultural history experts from various parts of the world, Indonesia continues to improve the condition of Borobudur Temple. After more than ten centuries of being refined and poorly maintained, this temple complex has remained firmly established today.

What can be done at Borobudur Temple?
There are so many things you can do while in the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world, including:

Study literary and cultural arts
If you like literary and cultural art, being at Borobudur Temple will certainly be an exciting experience. You can read and observe the relief panels drawn on the walls of the temple.

Photo hunting
This tourist spot offers a lot of interesting photo objects for you, photography enthusiasts. Try going around this temple complex and find the right angle for taking pictures. Borobudur Temple is also known for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset

Hunt for souvenirs
It feels incomplete if you visit a tourist place without buying a special souvenir. You can buy various items ranging from hats, t-shirts, bags, key chains.