Lombok is an alternative tourist destination popular in Central Indonesia, suitable for those who want to find tourist attractions as beautiful as Bali, but relatively quiet. Besides having a beautiful view, Lombok also offers beach, cultural, historical and culinary tours. Want to know what are the best tourist attractions in Lombok? The following is a list of the most recommended tourist spots on this beautiful island.

Kuta beach
Kuta Beach in Lombok is different from Kuta Beach in Bali, because it is relatively clean and quiet. Located in Kuta Village in Central Lombok, this beautiful beach is often one of the first destinations for tourists who have just landed at Lombok International Airport. This beach offers soft sand, waves suitable for learning to surf, and beautiful underwater scenery. Recommended activities at Kuta Beach include snorkeling, surfing (for beginners to intermediate level), renting a boat, swimming and watching the sunset. Tourist attractions in Lombok are surrounded by fairly complete facilities, such as homestays, surfboard rentals and snorkeling equipment, to food stalls.

Selong Belanak Beach
Selong Belanak Beach is on the same path as Kuta Beach, so it is suitable as a chain beach tourism destination. Tourist attractions in Lombok this one has soft white sand and blue water, and is still relatively quiet even though it has standard facilities. This beach has waves that are suitable for surfing, but not too big, making it more suitable for beginners.

Tanjung Aan Beach
Tanjung Aan Beach is located quite close to Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak, so it can be visited at once in a day. Tourist attractions in Lombok are also clean and offer soft waves, but the characteristics of the sand are more like pepper grains. There are several rock protrusions and coral formations, but overall, this beach is quite visitor friendly and suitable for beginner surfers. Tanjung Aan Beach is a tourist spot in Lombok that is suitable for snorkeling. Many locals rent out snorkeling equipment, or open simple food stalls. You can also buy young coconut, and sit on simple benches provided. In February and March, tourist attractions in Lombok often become one of the locations of the Bau Nyale Festival, in addition to Kuta Beach and its surroundings.

Tangsi Beach
Tangsi Beach is a beach in East Lombok that has a unique form of pink sand, so it is often also called Pink Beach. Travelers can find tourist attractions in Lombok by driving as far as 2 kilometers from Mataram, to find a signpost that says "50m Pink Beach". There are also rented boats from Tanjung Luar Port that go to the area where the beach is located.