Breksi Cliff is one of the most popular new destinations in Yogyakarta, in contrast to other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, this Breksi Cliff was originally a white stone mining complex managed by local residents, in other words the Breksi Cliff is not naturally formed but formed as a result of mining activities carried out by local residents.

The beginning of the Breccia Cliff to become a tourist destination is when geological researchers conduct research on the rocks in that location, after the research is complete, the data found that the rock in the location is a sediment from the volcanic ash of Purba Nglanggeran volcano, therefore the Breksi Cliff region included in natural cultural heritage that must be protected so that mining activities are stopped.

Since that time the activities of the people around the Breksi Cliff were sluggish, the people who initially worked as miners had to find other jobs. Over time some tourists visited the former mine because it was a nice sight with towering limestone cliffs which was a new thing that had never existed before in Yogyakarta, at that time management had not yet been formed to accommodate tourists who visited, until finally Breksi Cliff increasingly crowded with tourists and a committee was formed in the area.

Currently Tebing Breksi has transformed into the most popular new tourist destination in Yogyakarta and has been equipped with various supporting infrastructure such as the construction of a Tlatar Seneng, an amphitheater or an open stage that functions for the stage of art performances or can be used if there are special events with half-circle seating a stage that adds to the beauty of the scenery of the Breccia Cliff.

Breccia Cliff is very popular with tourists, especially for tourists who like photography hobby, it is undeniable that this tourist destination offers awesome views with the towering limestone cliffs, especially when some of the cliff's corners have been added with carvings or sculptures with puppets that add beauty , no wonder if some people choose to do pre-wedding photos at this Breksi Cliff.

In addition to enjoying the high limestone cliffs, at the Breksi Cliff tourists can climb the natural stairs which are sculptures of existing rocks. Arriving at the top of the tourists will be spoiled with a beautiful view of the panorama or landscape of Yogyakarta City from above, if tourists are observant, tourists will find or can see Prambanan Temple and the beautiful runway of Adi Sucipto Airport with planes that are taking off or landing. If the weather is sunny, tourists can see the splendor of Mount Merapi from the top of the Breccia Cliff.