1. Nusantara Flower Garden
Nusantara Flower Garden is probably one of the largest flower gardens in Indonesia, here are colorful flowers that consist of 45 million types of flowers! About beauty, do not ask, as far as the eye can see Boboers will be fascinated by the beauty of this park. In this Taman Bunga Nusantara, the gardens are arranged with interesting themes, such as the French Garden, Japanese Garden, Bali Garden, Labirin Park, Mawar Park, Water Park, and Greenhouse (for a greenhouse an additional fee of IDR 20,000). Each park is arranged according to the theme and is very charming to visit. The price of entering Taman Bunga Nusantara is quite affordable, which is IDR 30,000 for the age of 4 years and above.

2. Little Venice City of Flowers
As the name suggests, Little Venice has Venetian-style buildings complete with waterways, bridges and gondolas. Besides Venice, there are also other miniature cities in Europe and the Fantasy World of Jakarta. The beautiful scenery will make you feel at home there for a long time. Suitable also used as cool photo spots with friends. Actually, Little Venice is an inn located in an elite residential complex in Kota Bunga Puncak. However, because of the kecenya, many come for a vacation.

3. Puncak Safari Park
Safari Park is not only located in the mountains with beautiful scenery but also complete about game facilities, animal attractions and the types of animals that exist. Having a very large land, at Taman Safari Indonesia, boboers cannot only enjoy safaris seeing animals and feeding animals. But Boboers can also be entertained with a variety of cute animal attractions ranging from Tiger Show, Elephant Show, Various Animals Show, Birds of Prey, and Dolphin Show. Even though the ticket price is quite good in reaching the bag, (adults IDR 150,000, and children 140rb for local tourists) but it's really worth it because the ticket is a pass ticket that can be used to ride the game rides in the Safari Park. Do not be afraid to lose the game, the game is also quite complete, such as roller coasters, millers, strings, rapids, how many things will definitely make kids happy joyful

4. Matahari Tourism Park
Matahari Tourism Park is a family recreation area with the concept of "Recreation and Education Park". Located at Jln. Raya Puncak Km. 77 Bogor, Taman Matahari presents various kinds of games and facilities, such as waterpark, water games, and akomadi lodging in the form of hotels and villas. With affordable admission, only IDR 25,000, Boboers can free up 5 games, the rest pay again at the Matahari Park Boboers can not only invite satisfied children to play, but also can learn about animals, plants and parks. traffic.