Bogor Palace (Istana Bogor)is located on Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 1, Paledang Village, Central Bogor District, Bogor City, West Java. The location of the palace is around 60 km from Jakarta or 43 km from Cipanas. The palace itself is located in the center of Bogor City, standing on the ground with a flat culture of 28.86 square meters and an altitude of 290 meters above sea level. The air around the Bogor Palace is temperate and the weather tends to be cool.

The palace is located in the center of Bogor city, is one of six palaces owned by the State of Indonesia which is used as the presidential palace. If in Jakarta alone there are two palaces at the same time namely the State Palace & Independence, then the other three palaces are in three other areas such as the palace of Cipanas, the Great Palace / Gedung Agung in Yogyakarta & the last is in Bali, the palace of Tampak Siring. Of the six palaces, five of them were palaces built during the Dutch colonial government while the palace in Bali was the hand of Indonesia's sons during the reign of President Soekarno.

Bogor Palace is a palace that has a beautiful view, with a European-style building model. The palace itself stands on a plan with a building area of ​​14,892 m² and a yard covering 28.4 hectares decorated with a collection of deer in front & side. Reporting from the Wikipedia website, Bogor Palace was once used as the official resting place and residence of the Dutch governors of the Netherlands. The construction itself is actually inseparable from the history of Bogor city which was originally believed to be the capital of the Pajajaran kingdom which at that time had a government center in Bogor.

The Bogor Palace has a main building with left wing and right wing. The entire palace complex reaches an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares.
The main building of the Bogor Palace consists of:
  • The main building of the palace used for organizing official national events, meetings and events.
  • The left wing of the building used to entertain foreign countries is equipped with six bedrooms.
  •  The right wing part of the building is only for heads of state who come to visit has four bedrooms.
  • Lotus Room as a wing for reception of state guests
  •  In 1964 Dyah Bayurini built a presidential and his family's rest room with five separate pavilions in it.
  •  Garuda Room as the official ceremony venue
  • The personal office of the Head of State
  •  Ministerial courtroom and film screening room
  • The library is equipped with many books.
  • The dining room
  • One thousand glass
  •  Presidential reading room.

Many collections of international artwork and decorations are found in the Bogor Palace. Most are gifts from countries that visit so that they give their own luxurious accents in this palace. There are 450 paintings, some of which are the works of Indonesian painters Basuki Abdullah, Russian painters Makowsli and Ernest Dezentje

So few reviews about the Bogor Palace. If you are in or will plan to go to Bogor, then don't forget to stop by this palace.