Kaolin Lake is a lake that has the color of the land is clean white and the water is bright blue Kaolin Lake Located in the village of Air Raya Tanjungpandan, Belitung, Bangka Belitung Province. This lake does not originate from mountain craters such as Ciwidey Lake Kawah Putih or Raja Tinggi White Crater, lakes are formed from former Kaolin mining sites that have been abandoned and nature refines with its beauty. A little knowledge about Kaolin. Kaolin is a mineral as an industrial material such as cosmetics, paper, food, toothpaste and Kaolin is popular because of its smooth, white, strong, smooth and low electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.

The scenery is so charming as long as the eye can see. Piles of excavation are like hills around the lake area that are glimpse like Mount Bromo mini but white. The land beneath the lake is covered with water like the curve of an animal that is passing by, if the water is receding the land will look like clean white sugar. In the middle of the lake a land appears as if connecting between the ends of the lake.

The situation on Kaolin Lake is different from the Ciwidey White Crater Lake or the King's High White Lake which is full of stinging sulfur. In this lake there is no smell of sulfur because this lake is not formed from a crater makes visitors feel at home to linger in this lake. For the water is classified as safe, because the water here is not hot. It is evident that there are still many activities of residents and children who are using lake water or bathing in the lake. This condition makes tourists who visit not only enjoy the scenery, but can also play or swim to enjoy the fresh water of Lake Kaolin. Most residents say that with water in Lake Kaolin, the skin becomes smoother and softer.

For those who like photography, here is the most suitable place to look for shoot objects. The combination of the blue of the water and the stone walls that are white like snow is a very amazing blend of colors. At Kaolin Lake, it is often used as a preweding place for young couples who will go on a marriage. To visit this lake, it will be more comfortable when the morning or evening, because the day will be hot and the rarity of dense trees.