Who doesn't know Japan? This Sakura country has succeeded in becoming one of the developed countries in Asia and even the world. Products used here everyday, say motorcycles, cars and various electronic devices. Not only advanced in technology and economics, Japan also continued to increase its prestige in the tourism sector. Many foreign tourists choose Japan as a destination. Well, for those of you who are also planning a vacation to Japan, see this popular place in Sakura.

Tokyo Tower
It's not yet legal for a vacation to Japan if you don't stop by Tokyo Tower. You can see the spectacular view of the city from this iconic 333 meter high building. For you to know, besides being a legendary tourist attraction in Japan, Tokyo Tower's main function is as an analog TV transmitter antenna tower, digital local TV and radio.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
OC Aquarium is touted as the best aquarium in Japan. The main attraction here is Kuroshio Tank, a giant aquarium where visitors can see marine life through the available tunnels. In addition to a giant aquarium, here is also an outdoor pool that often displays performances of marine animals such as dolphins and sea lions.

Meiji Shrine
This Shinto Temple in Tokyo was built in 1920 in memory of Emperor Meiji and his wife. Unlike the previous destinations, tourist attractions in Japan tend to be quieter and far from the image of urban frenzy. As far as the eye can see there is only a panorama of green forests with a row of shady trees. Success makes your body, mind, and soul take a break from fatigue.

 Nijo Palace
Tourist attractions in Japan will bring you back to the past. While there, you will find a magnificent palace with a typical architecture of the Bamboo Curtain Country. Even though it's old, this building is still solid. The natural scenery there is also beautiful. It would be nice to be there.

Yokohama Raumen Museum
Yokohama Raumen Museum or better known as Ramen Museum will invite you not only to enjoy delicious ramen processed by trained chefs, but also to know the history of ramen in Japan. In other rooms, you will enter a replica of the city of Shitamachi, the city that became the forerunner of popular ramen in Japan. For those of you who want to taste everything, but fear of being too full. You can choose a mini ramen which even though the portion is smaller but does not reduce the deliciousness in the slightest.

Fuji mountain
Mount Fuji is certainly familiar to you. This 3,776 meter high mountain is the highest and most popular mountain in Japan. This mountain is located between Yamanashi and Shizuoka and if it's sunny, you can see it from Tokyo and Yokohama. To enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji up close, you can climb it.