Inggris or referred to as the United Kingdom is a unitary state that forms a constituent monarchy. The country also has beautiful literature, with classic but magnificent buildings. From Buildings with prehistoric megalithic architecture, ancient Rome to medieval castles that have discovered for centuries we can still escape here. The English landscape is also interesting. In this country the villages also look comfortable and clean. So wherever you are in this country is a pleasant vacation.

Big Ben
It feels like it's not bad to go to England but don't take the time to visit Big Ben. Big Ben itself is a landmark of the city of London which is around 150 years old. Big Ben's name actually does not refer to the clock tower, but on the 13-tonne bell that is located inside the tower. Big Ben is also a symbol of England and the city of London and often appears in many films, one of which is the movie Mars Attack!

Stonehenge is a tourist spot in England that you should not miss and is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world. Stonehenge was built by a culture of people who did not leave written notes in the process of making it, so it caused a lot of debate. The results showed that these mysterious large stones were erected around 2500 BC. There is no definite reason why Stonehenge was built, but many historical sources conclude that Stonehenge is a monument used as a religious ceremonial center.

Windsor Palace
Windsor Palace is known for its magnificent architecture and is associated with the British royal family in the long run. Not only the magnificent architecture, but also the collections on display such as paintings, ceramics, valuables, and other relics. The history of Windsor Palace began in the Middle Ages, the palace became the official residence of the British Empire. At first, the palace was used as an official residence for the British royal family, and became the longest-lived palace in Europe. Windsor Palace is the place most favored by the Queen of England while relaxing.

Lake District National Park
Located in the north west of England, precisely in the Cumbria region, Lake District is the largest national park in England. The main attraction of tourist attractions in the UK is the lake and mountains and hills beautifully carved by glacial erosion to produce dramatic and inspiring impressions. This place is also the main destination for hiking and mountain climbing in the UK. The park has been visited by more than 14 million tourists from the UK and from outside the UK.

Brighton city resort located on the edge of the south coast of England. The city is included in the county of East Sussex, South East England. From London, Brighton can be reached in just one hour by train. The population of the city is around 289 thousand people in 2016. Because of its location on the beach and its distance not too far from the capital city, Brighton is one of the favorite destinations for residents of London. The city has an 8.7 km beach which is always crowded, especially in the summer. In addition to the beach, the main landmarks in the city include Brighton Pier, Royal Pavilion, Clock Tower, i360, and Brighton Marina.

Lake District
Tourist destinations that are not inferior to favorites in the UK are Lake District, located in Cumbria County. Tourist attractions in the UK is itself the largest National Park in the UK. The main attraction that is magnetized from the Lake District is the lake village and the hills that are naturally carved by glacial erosion.