Malaysia, with a culture and tradition that is similar to Indonesia has a special attraction to visit. If a traveler wants to spend a holiday in Malaysia, here are the best destinations that tourists can visit.

1. Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Tower, which is one of the icons of the Malaysian State, was recorded as the tallest tower in the world in 1998 to 2004. The highest tower rank was finally taken by Dubai over its Burj Khalifa building and Taiwan by its Taipei 101 tower. This Petronas Twin Towers is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur so access to this place is quite easy. The Petronas Twin Towers offers an attraction, namely an air bridge located on floors 41 and 42 with an altitude of 170 meters which connects the two towers. Inside the Petronas Twin Towers complex there is also KLCC Park and Suria KLCC shopping center.

2. Islamic Art Museum
The Islamic Art Museum is a place that stores the history of Islamic civilization in Malaysia and in the world. This Islamic Art Museum is also a museum that stores the largest Islamic arts in all of Southeast Asia. Here, you can see various historical relics related to Islam, ranging from clothing, furniture to detailed models of world-famous mosques. This Islamic Art Museum on the top, has a large biruturoise dome and also a wall made of glass that provides space for natural light to enter. The dome ceiling is also designed with beautiful Islamic patterns.

3. Malaysia Textile Museum
Malaysia Textile Museum is a museum that gives you information about the history of fabrics and clothing in Malaysia. This museum is located directly opposite Merdeka Square. This museum which has a mixed architecture between Moghul-Islamic is opened to the public on January 9, 2010. Malaysia Textile Museum consists of 2 levels of buildings and to visit them, you will not be charged (free). Here, you can see directly the various kinds of Malaysian fabrics and tools and methods for making traditional fabrics. Not only your own country, at the Malaysia Textile Museum, you can also see traditional cloth collections from other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and India

4. Penang
Penang Island is a popular tourist destination because of the diversity of history in George Town. Located along the world shipping lanes, the city has a variety of cultural, architectural and culinary colors. When deciding to visit Penang, you have to really explore this city, whether it's by car, bicycle, bus or taxi. Some of the locations that you can visit when in Penang are the Botanic Gardens, Bird Sanctuary, Butterfly Park, Supreme Bliss, and the white sand beach of Batu Ferringhi located along the north coast.
It is incomplete if you visit penang without trying a becak while walking through George Town, enjoying the classic architecture of British heritage. Prepare your camera while doing a tour here. Occasionally stop at a restaurant, market, or bar to taste typical cuisine because Penang is famous as a location for culinary mixes from around the world.

5. Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands in the Titiwangsa Mountains is one of the oldest and historic tourist attractions in Malaysia. Built with an enchanting English garden concept, this beautiful highland offers lush views, colorful flower plantations, tea plantations, forests, lakes, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation facilities. The road to Cameron Highlands is pretty good so it is easily accessible by buses, cars, mini vans and taxis. During the trip to this location, you can see beautiful green scenery. Here is also a Time Tunnel Gallery that shows the history of the development of the Cameron community. One of the many locations visited here is Mount Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Mount Brinchang offers highland scenery that is very refreshing to the eye. Whereas Mossy Forest offers jungle tracks where you can enjoy the sensation of exploring forest ecosystems with beautiful waterfall views.

the destination above is one option to spend every vacation that Traveler has. Make sure the tour list above is the main choice of Traveler. Enjoy Malaysia destinations