The Chinese Wall or the Great Wall of China / the Great Wall is one of the main tourist attractions in China, it feels incomplete if you visit China without evacuating to this place, city, China, and the surroundings that can be seen from the moon even denied by NASA, this huge outdoor space was built hundreds of years ago.

Most tourists come to the Great Wall of China departing from the center of Beijing by driving around 2.5 hours, during the journey through the highway with views of the arid hills. Upon arrival at the tourist parking area, you will be offered such a certificate as proof that the money that has been visited in the Chinese Wall, this certificate will take money with Rp. 60,000, the shape is quite unique, made of bamboo plates tied with thread, similar to letters made in the Chinese dynasty in the past, complete with Chinese writing and names engraved on it. From this parking area, visitors have seen the face of China.

The first thing you skip is a park with long benches lined up and souvenir shops selling, among others, coffee and others, more or less like a minimarket that sells souvenirs, this place is also a place waiting for tourists in the same way that giant China does have a way quite steep.

After passing the area, you will arrive in the first place, this place is the starting point of the ascending road to post 1 of the Chinese Wall, there are 8 postal stations that can be accessed by tourists, however your physical condition is in prime condition due to the interagency road by China is up and down quite sharply. In addition to the steep topography, the Great Wall area of ​​China is also very exposed to sunlight which allows you to dehydrate temporarily against the weather, allowing you to enjoy clean water while in the area. In steep uphill and downhill areas, the distance between children and each other is far enough / high enough to be enough to climb.

The Chinese Wall area is not only beautiful and has a history that also has a clean and well-maintained environment, the Chinese government also maintains the cleanliness of this place.