Iguazu waterfalls one of tourist a very fun thing to do on vacation is a waterfall. Each waterfall is definitely has a superb natural beauty. One of the very famous waterfall is a waterfall of Iguazu. Waterfall terraced houses have been frequently used as filming location for Hollywood.  Waterfalls of Iguazu National Park with a waterfall of very large and very unique. Not only the unique shape, but its location is on the border of 2 State until can be accessed from 2 countries.  The country is bounded by the Cascades of Iguazu Argentina is the country with the country of Brazil.

Waterfalls of Iguazu River menbagi this into two parts namely the River up and down. So the waterfall was divided into two rows or two levels. Two-level waterfall is very rarely found in the Americas. Iguazu falls are more height from Niagara falls. If Niagara Falls has a maximum height of 51 metres high, only the maximum on this Iguazu Waterfalls can reach 82 meters.

Legend behind the extraordinary beauty of it is the curse of the gods. In ancient times right in the area there are the Iguazu falls in love with a beautiful girl named Naipi. However, Naipi already had a lover named Taroba.

When the Gods apply Naipi, Naipi doesn't want and choose to go with her lover. Because wrath, gods ultimately condemn the Naipi and Iguazu waterfalls become Taroba are very beautiful. So this waterfall can be said to be a manifestation of the beauty of the love which is inseparable. There has never been a quarrel of the two countries about the paradise that is very beautiful. Iguazu water is divided into two parts, one part goes into the region of Brazil and the other part became part of the State of Argentina.

If in the view of Iguazu falls, Argentina sign in to the administration area of the province of Misiones. If in the view of Brazil's Iguazu falls, then sign in to the administration area of the State of Parana. Iguazu in the language Tupi Guarani means flowing water. Tupi Guarani language is the language used by the people of South America who live in the border region.

The name given to the actual state of affairs represents the very. Waterfalls of Iguazu is a very broad area. The falls flow the water with debit amount reaches 300 cubic meters per second.  In addition, the stretch of the waterfall flowing in 2 parts, so this storied waterfall becomes increasingly special beauty.  Waterfalls in the upper entry to the territory of Brazil in the city of Curitiba. While the lower reaches of the second waterfall place entrance to the territory of Argentina in the San Antonio River.

Iguazu National Park, visitors can see the beauty of tropical rainforest that is able to create a cool green color. This immense place of residence is more than two thousand different types of species of animals and plants. The flora and fauna that live in this place is plants and animals endemic to Latin America. Some animals may be found in places like the Cayman Crocodile, Jaguar, Howler Monkeys up to.