Lake Toba tourism is a bit of the most famous lake tourism in Indonesia. In addition to Lake Toba having stunning natural beauty, Lake Toba keeps compulsory legends for you to know. Lake Toba nature tourism is one of the lakes that store a lot of natural wealth. Until now the beauty of Lake Toba is not inferior to other natural scenery.

Lake Toba is an amazing natural wonder on the island of Sumatra. It's hard to imagine there are more beautiful places to visit in North Sumatra besides this lake. A refreshing cool atmosphere, clear blue water, and a charming view of the green mountains is only a small part of the giant lake image that is 900 meters above sea level. Lake Toba is a 1,145 square kilometer crater lake. In the center there is an island with an area almost equal to the size of Singapore. Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean than a lake considering its size.

Until now many tourists and foreign tourists have visited Lake Toba. Behind the panoramic view of the beauty of Lake Toba is tucked into a fairy tale of the archipelago. The story of Lake Toba starts from a valley in North Sumatra with the main actor the hard-working farmer and the magical fish princess.  According to information from geologists, the crater from Lake Toba was formed due to the eruption of a super volcanic volcano that occurred about 77,000 years ago. Even the eruption is considered to be extremely powerful when compared to other volcanic eruptions, it is believed that the explosion reached thousands of times an eruption on a normal volcano. The impact was also affected by the climate around the world at that time.