Maldives Islands, also known as the Maldives is one of the beautiful island which is famous in the world. Layout of the Maldives is on the Indian Ocean and has a lot of beaches with clear blue water, a variety of marine life, and white sand stretches, panoramic views around are also charming. In addition to the popular with the beautiful beaches, the Maldives also has other attractions which certainly interesting visit. Here are the best locations and beautiful that you can visit when on holiday to the Maldives.

No wonder, the Maldives during the dry season was filled with tourists. Therefore, it's no surprise the resort if heren raising rental rates and airfare to any Maldives join surged. As an alternative for tourists who prefer a quiet vacation with, you can visit the Maldives around September – November, before entering the high season.

The Barefoot Eco Hotel Maldives
Equipped with the villas overlooking the sea and includes cereal breakfast for two, the price offered through booking site starting from 125 us dollars per night here. Hotel Villa/room number with as many as 52 of this fruit are among the most expensive in this list. However, the value of the facilities, the location and product offerings ensure guest satisfaction that bought him. This hotel was opened in the year 2014 is located in the northern part of the island of Hanimadhoo hushed, entered into the area Haa Alif Atoll.
The Barefoot Eco Hotel is surrounded by lush green forests and coral reefs in waters closest and within about 45 minutes of short flights from the airport of Ibrahim Nasir, with an additional cost of 340 dollars for a round trip flight.

Cocoa Island
There are beaches on the island of Cocoa is so exotic. Have a vast stretches of white sand, accompanied by the sound of the sea waves, becoming attraction for tourists. The island also have facilities in the form of resort with good quality. Maldives does have a decent variety of beach called heaven. This beach is the beach of subscriptions for the tourists coming to Maldives. Many tourists who like to run while in nautical tourism beach. 

Island Vaadhoo
Next there is the island of Vaadhoo. The island population is the population of approximately 500 people is famous for its natural charm. A natural phenomenon that became an attraction for the tourists is the presence of phytoplankton emit light which is bright enough. Unfortunately the phenomenon does not happen every day. If you are lucky when it comes to the Maldives, you can watch it. Blue granules granules that are in the Maldives is absolutely not the result of mere computer engineering. However it is purely real existed in Maldives.
For those of you who want to feel the make a tour in different places, you can come to this island. The island is almost uninhabited. That's because pupulasi Haal inhabitants who settled in the island that is only 500 inhabitants in 2007 on the island. Although the population there, but every weekend or every holiday season many tourists who once berbondong bondong to this place.