Tourist Attractions Barcelona, ​​Spain Barcelona is the capital and largest city in the Catalonia community, geographically, Barcelona is located in the eastern region of Spain, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is located between 2 river estuaries namely Llobregat and Besòs, and is bordered by the Sierra de Collserola mountains to the west. Barcelona is the second scattered city in Spain with a population of around 1.6 million in 2015. For football fans, the city is certainly no stranger, because one of Europe's leading football clubs, FC Barcelona, ​​is from this city, precisely at Camp Nou.

Park Guell
Parque Güell (Parc Guell) has a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. This colorful garden is also the site of the construction of the luxurious pavilion of the Barcelona nobles. The streets in the park are like being in a fairy tale world. Gaudi's residence there became a museum showing off the furniture of Antoni Gaudi. UNESCO's world body named Parque Güell as a world heritage site in 1984. The architect's big name is able to attract 3 million visitors per year to come to his unique park.

La Sagrada Familia
La Sangrada Familia can be said to be the number one tour in Barcelona. This giant Roman Catholic Church was designed by Anton Gaudi in 1882. This building is still in the process of development, and certainly will be completed in 2026. This construction time is even longer than the construction of the Egyptian pyramid which took 20 years.

Las Ramblas
La Rambla is a place you must visit if you go to Barcelona. The most famous street in Spain and even Europe. On these two pedestrian roads there are two narrow road segments for public vehicles but only for one-way roads. In fact the middle road, the pedestrian street is almost three times the width of the road. This road became beautiful because the rows of large trees on both sides. Along the streets of Rambla we can enjoy the beauty and crowds of thousands of pedestrians passing by enjoying a variety of souvenirs and entertainment collections. The ones sold on the roadside are not limited to eyes, books and clothes, there are also live cactus flower sellers, even animals such as domestic birds and rabbits are also sold here. What entertains visitors is street artists.

Camp Nou Stadium
Now, for football fans, especially FC Barcelona, ​​don't confess to Barca fans before you come here. Camp Nou is defined as a "new field". At present, Camp Nou is awarded five star status. You can certainly shop for official merchandise from FC Barcelona here, such as soccer jersey, t-shirt, bag, scarf, or something else.

Montjuic is a favorite recreation area for Barcelona residents by offering natural beauty. One side of the hilly garden faces the harbor and the Mediterranean sea, on the other side shows the beautiful views of Barcelona. Montjuic Hill consists mostly of green open areas, such as flower gardens, botanical gardens, and cactus gardens. The place also has a variety of cultural attractions, sports facilities and Olympic sites. Visitors can visit various museums there, including the Palau Nacional which was built as a pavilion for the International Exhibition center.